This marketing video highlights the transformative journey of a worker under the H2A visa program, sharing personal anecdotes and advice for fellow migrants. The speaker reflects on the initial fears and challenges of adapting to a new country, emphasizing the importance of hard work, dedication, and integrity. Through his experiences, he underscores the benefits of legal employment, such as security, access to essential services, and the ability to contribute positively to both his family’s well-being and the economy of his home country.

The video not only celebrates personal achievements but also serves as a testimonial for the efficacy and value of the H2A visa program in facilitating economic opportunities and fostering mutual growth between individuals and nations. Through heartfelt narratives and practical insights, it encourages viewers to pursue their dreams while emphasizing the significance of legal pathways for employment and the positive impact on families and communities.

This video helped Labormex LLC get many leads and applications from Mexican farmers.

Directed, Produced and Edited by Leon Klein
Co-produced by Carla Gomez.

Link to video in Labormex youtube channel


Video production. This video was shot in a farm in Orlando.
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